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S 4 Ep. 1: 2023 Wedding Trend Predictions

Briana: [00:00:00] Mr. Fritzy-Fritz. He's our office dog, and he's our emotional support dog-

Kat: Aw, he's on your lap.

Briana: We love him. He goes in rounds around the office to everyone. He will stop at my desk and then Alyssa's desk, and then Kat's desk- for some

Alyssa: -and for some reason, I'm always last.

Kat: The morning greetings.

Briana: The morning greetings from Fritzy himself, he's the wedding dog himself.

Alyssa: Yes. He loves, love too.

Briana: Yes, he is a lover.

Kat: What's up, bridal babes? I hope you're ready to talk weddings with me in another episode of Bridal Buzz. If you've been following along, you can probably tell this is not the same space that we've been recording in for the last few years. Can you believe it? It's been years. We are in the first episode of season [00:01:00] four.

I'm so excited to bring you Bridal Buzz 2.0. So many new fun things are coming, new people that are gonna be guest starring on the show more often and new topics. So not much is gonna change. We're still the wedding podcast you know and love, but we are gonna focus heavily on real love, real stories, real questions, and real advice.

So no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, if you are a 15 year old, obsessed with weddings, if you're a 45 year old obsessed with weddings, if you're engaged, this is for you. So welcome to Bridal Buzz. Let's introduce our new guest stars.

Who wants to go first?

Alyssa: You.

Briana: Okay, . Hi everyone. My name is Brianna. I have been working with Bridal Buzz for about six months now. I'm super excited. This whole transitional period has been so much fun working with Kat and Alyssa, figuring everything out, the nitty gritties for the neon sign, the couches, everything. It's been a blast.

So I'm very [00:02:00] excited for everyone to tune in and watch and see what we have in store. But yeah, that's me. Yay.

Alyssa: And I'm Alyssa and I've been here for about a year and a half. I can't believe it. Um, so I graduated college. I'm going to Estology School to chase my dreams.

Kat: Woohoo.

Alyssa: Um, Yeah, I love what I do here. I love the people I work with.

Kat: Yeah, we recorded this episode a few days ago and I just realized I forgot to introduce myself and tell you guys a little bit about who I am. So , I'm Kat. I've been working with Bridal Buzz for the last two years. I can't believe it. I've been your host for just over one, and I am a April, 2023 bride.

So depending on when you're listening to this, I might be getting married soon, or I might have already gotten married. But regardless, we're in this together and I love love and I love talking weddings. So with that, we'll get back to the content that is this episode. So, . Let's get back to that. .

Kat: [00:03:00] We all love, love, love,

Briana: We love, love. Yes. . Love. Love.

Alyssa: We're love, love.

Kat: It's disgusting.

Briana: We're both in relationships. Kat's engaged.

Kat: Yes, I'm engaged as everyone knows.

Briana: Yes. So it's, it's very fun. It's interesting to get different perspectives. Mm-hmm. , because you're engaged. I'm 21 years old and in a relationship, you're 23 in a relationship.

So it's really fun to talk to each other about everything and kind of hear different perspectives.

Kat: I know. So, by the way, guys, if you are listening, I highly recommend you go at least check out the video on YouTube so you can see like what Brianna mentioned, the neon sign, all the new decor, this cutie couch and chair, both from Amazon, by the way, great finds.

And today's topic, so mm-hmm. , we are gonna be talking all about 2023 wedding trend predictions. So not to say it's gonna happen, not to say it's not, this is just what we we're feeling in the air. We're Yeah. We can smell it, we can taste it, feel it we're, we are feeling it.

Briana: You feel it happening.

Alyssa: Yeah. Yeah.

With that, I think we should go ahead and get [00:04:00] started.

Alyssa: Yeah. .

Kat: Okay. So 2023 weddings fun. I can't believe my wedding is in 2023. Crazy. It's literally right around the corner. I think I'm kind of like blocking that reality out right now. Um, stay tuned for how I process that in the future.

Briana: I just can't believe it's like 2023 in general.

Kat: Literally like, oh, we're a week fr away. Insane in this episode. We're a week away from 2023. It's crazy.

Briana: It's insane.

Kat: Exciting but crazy. So, yeah. I hope you guys are ready. I hope we're all excited for 2023. Let's go ahead and get into it. So the first thing I have on my list, Um, I feel like traditionally at weddings we've seen sit down dinners-

Briana: mm-hmm.

Kat: -where people have a cocktail hour and then a reception where there's plated meals, maybe a buffet, but now I'm predicting heavy hors d'oeuvres. No. Sit down meal. Just like Yeah. Appetizers being passed out the whole party. Yeah. Maybe like, not even a separation between cocktail hour and the [00:05:00] reception. Yeah.

Because I feel like a lot of modern brides are taking their pictures-

Briana: mm-hmm.

Kat: -before the ceremony even starts.

Alyssa: -Right.

Briana: Yeah. Yeah. I think that's so interesting that you say that because I haven't really seen anyone do that before, so I think that's like a true prediction. Yeah. Because it's like it can just come up out of nowhere.

Kat: Mm-hmm. .

Briana: But I feel like it's a great idea because I think for brides specifically and the grooms, I feel like they get very stressed about a sit down dinner.

Alyssa: My god, I literally get like so anxious. What if I do- don't do something right. Or what if I'm not proper enough?

Briana: Yeah. So like for my sister's wedding, it was just so stressful for her because we were sitting at the head table, but people would come up and say hi, and she just felt very rushed for her and she felt like she couldn't really sit down and enjoy a meal.

So I feel like something like that is a lot more casual and it gives more time for people to congratulate the bride and the groom and do things. More fun than I guess eating.

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: I feel like that's a great one.

Kat: Yeah. Like, it allows for more conversation to happen.

Alyssa: [00:06:00] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Cause like, I feel like brides now, bride and grooms, like, they hardly ever get to sit down and eat.

By the time they do get to their food, it's cold.

Briana: Yep.

Alyssa: Like my parents, they didn't eat any of their food. They had Whataburger. Yeah. On their wedding night.

Kat: My parents were the same. And my parents are like, Always like, oh my gosh, make sure you eat. You're not gonna have time to eat. Yeah. Yeah. And I do know catering companies now they make sure and planners.

Briana: Mm-hmm

Kat: -they do everything in their power to make sure that you get your meal that you paid for cuz you need to eat. Yeah. You have a lot of things going on. That's a long day. Yeah. But you know, like me today I'm like excited and nervous about recording and I like could barely eat anything. It's the same thing on the wedding day.

So. Yeah.

Alyssa: But I have heard like couples, they do like a private dinner with just them two.

Briana: I was just about to say that

Alyssa: It's on my list of what I wanna do.

Briana: I was gonna say that

Alyssa: -you're socializing with everyone and it's your day and your grooms day. So like you want time to spend with them.

Briana: I was gonna say that,

Kat:That's interesting.

Briana: They like, while ever they're either all their guests are eating dinner, just doing a cocktail or their go in their own like separate area.

Alyssa: You really have to block out of time for that because-Yeah, for sure you have to like fit in [00:07:00] pictures and you know,

Briana: so Yeah. Yeah. but for sure. But I think that's a, I think that's a great one.

I feel like it's just a lot less stressful too, and just a lot more casual with not being like forced to eat when you're just. Just too many, too many distractions.

Kat: I'm curious- just like, what? What does everybody else eat when the bride and the groom , and you know, whoever's sitting is having their private dinner?

Briana: They either, I think they have like a full dinner-

Kat: -just without them?

Briana: Yeah.

Alyssa: Yeah. I just, I don't think I like that. I don't like full lawn and dinners. I wouldn't, I don't think I would have that.

Kat: You like the idea of like more of a casual approach to eating?

Briana: Yeah. Yeah. I just feel like it's just so stressful for nothing. Yeah. Like just gimme a few Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and I'll be good.

Kat: Yeah.

Alyssa: And like if you have appetizers, you can have a bigger variety of food and you don't have to have like chicken or beef

Briana: or, yeah. And, have y'all ever seen, like after the wedding they'll have like, yes. Honey buttered chicken biscuits from What-a-Burger.

Alyssa: Yes. That's, that's what I want.

Briana: That's, yeah. I'm like, I'd rather eat little small foods and then have like a big fun meal afterward, you know?

Nice. Yeah.

Briana: Also because I feel like people are more likely [00:08:00] to eat that stuff. . To each their own. Yeah.

Alyssa: Or like street tacos.

Kat: Yes. I'm thinking about either pizza or street tacos for our late night snacks.

Briana: Yeah. It's so much fun

Kat: and yummy too. And you're gonna be dancing and drinking. Yeah. You're gonna, want people-

Briana: -need food. You Need something in your tumtum.

Kat: They need to sober up a little bit.

Briana: Yeah. Yeah. So one of mine that I have is non-traditional guest books. Oh. So I've seen so many different kinds. The main one that I've seen so far is they have the little telephone thingy and they pick it up like-

Alyssa: the antique.

Briana: Yes.

Kat: So cute.

Briana: Yeah. So cute. They leave a little message. Yes. Mm-hmm. , they leave a little message and I think it's so fun and just a lot more personalized than just writing something down. But I feel like there's so many, I saw this one where, um, the lady had everyone who took a picture, like in the photo booth. She added that to a scrapbook kind of as like-

Alyssa: oh, that's a cute idea.

Briana: A guestbook or My sister, she got these big, what are they, like picture frame looking [00:09:00] things. And it had. Um, like a design she picked out on it and she had everyone sign that.

Kat: Oh so cute.

Briana: And it's displayed above her fireplace. So I think, I think stuff like that's fun than just like a little wedding, like a literal guest book.

Yeah. But I love the phone idea. I think it's so fun. I love hearing people's voices. I think it's fun. Especially people are like, I know. Yeah. The funny ones where like, at the end of the night where people have been drinking Yeah. And they say, it's just so fun to me. Yeah. So I think, I think that's gonna be a big hit just because I feel like nowadays people are just wanting something more exciting, more fun, more different, more unique.

And I think something like that is a good way to tie something fun and different for your wedding.

Kat: Yeah, I agree. I'm also someone who, like, I have voicemails from years ago still on my phone mm-hmm. that I will never delete. Yep. And once I was like realizing that about myself, I'm like, why would I. Have that kind of guestbook at my wedding.

So I am gonna be doing that, and I'm also planning on having a traditional one in addition to that. Yeah. Just in case people aren't comfortable. Mm-hmm. , because like, I know, I would feel personally a lot [00:10:00] of pressure Yeah. To, it's like, hello. Hey. Having so much fun, Susie. And you know, Stephanie, this is great.

I love you guys so much. Thanks for the invite. Yeah. I'll drink one for you. Bye. . Like, I don't know, like I, I think I would feel a lot of pressure, so I'm gonna have both options for people. Yeah, that's fun. I love that. Good job. Yeah. But I, yeah, I love the idea of mm-hmm. , just having your own spin Yeah. On mm-hmm.

like the guestbook, but anything in general.

Briana: No, I was just about- was about to say it's your wedding. I feel like in general, weddings are becoming so much more personalized and I guess like DIY in a sense. people are just making things their own. Mm-hmm. and I love that. Instead of just following the basic, traditional route.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . I'm really excited. If y'all need an idea, the phone things. Great idea for guest books. I think it's so cute. So fun. I love it.

Kat: Cool. Alyssa, what's your first one?

Alyssa: Okay. I have on here Les All White and more like printed, colorful. [00:11:00] And I have to say, I don't like that trend. Really? I don't, I just think it's like, but you're predicting it?

Oh yeah. Yeah. I've seen it a lot. Mm-hmm. , but I just don't like it. I would never Well,

Kat: and you're, you like want an all white, all Yeah, I want all black and white. All black

Alyssa: and white. Yeah. But I would like, as a bride, oh my God. Never, I would never put that on.

Briana: She's like, not for me . Even like

Kat: So you mean like, uh, dresses, like patterned- for the bride?

Alyssa: dresses,

Briana: Like for the bride? Yeah.

Alyssa: Oh, not cute, in my opinion.

Kat: Not for you.

Alyssa: Not really. Yeah. I just really like the classic look.

Briana: Yeah. Yeah. I think people are going like, go bold or go, go go home right now. Yeah. I feel like. Not even just in weddings, like with people's home styles,

Alyssa: people arejust feeling more comfortable-

Briana: -expressing themselves.

Yeah. It's fun. Which I, it's fine. I think it's fun. I think it's unique and creative and I think that's like to tie into that, like weddings are just so creative nowadays. Yeah. I see weddings every single day at work and it's like, wow, that's different.

Kat: I would've never thought to do that. Literally every single day I see a new [00:12:00] idea.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: And it's overwhelming.

Briana: Yeah. Like, and well, especially you planning your wedding. Yes, yes. Like you get all these ideas in your head and you're probably. Did I choose the rightidea?

Kat: Yeah. And bridal babes. I often joke like there's a thousand different weddings that I could plan, but I just have to plan one because

Briana: mm-hmm.

Kat: -you can get so overwhelmed with the information overload.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: -Knowing too many options. And at the end of the day, you just, you have to commit

Briana: mm-hmm. .

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: -And it's gonna be perfect no matter if it's at all black and white, or if it's a disco cowgirl or, you know, garden whimsy, it's gonna be perfect because it's you and your partner.

Alyssa: And that's what you wanted at the time-

Kat: -getting married.

Briana: Exactly. I, yeah. I would've never thought like printed dresses though. I, I can def, I can definitely see it. Yeah.

Alyssa: Like, like a, a white dress, but like light print. Yes.

Kat: Floral print. Yes. I have been seeing that, and so, because I'm seeing that. . I've been seeing people posting on Reddit like, is this dress appropriate to be [00:13:00] a wedding guest? Rule of thumb, if the base of the dress is white, just don't wear it to a wedding. Don't, don't like, even if it has a pattern over it, if it has floral, if the base of the dress is white, it's a no-go.

Briana: I've seen so many TikTok's of people, like in a rush, they're like, I'm getting ready for a wedding right now. Is this dress okay? And they pull it out and it's like pink flowers. But the whole base is white.

Yeah, yeah.

Alyssa: Unless the bride specifies that it's okay, don't.

Briana: You shouldn't. Don't wear white shoes. Don't. Just don't. Just don't wear white-

Alyssa: -but I also didn't realize how upset brides get, who is, who is telling us?

Kayla was telling us?

Kat: I don't know. I would I, me?

Alyssa: I don't know. I did not realize people got so upset.

Briana: I think it's just kind of a respect and just like a knowledge, like you should know. And whenever- I keep talking about my sister's wedding, sorry.- But when my mom was trying to find a mother of the bride dress, yeah. It was very easy to see that. Some dresses kind of looked a little white or, yeah. Even like a light cream [00:14:00]

Kat: champagne

Briana: in a certain lighting and

Kat: silver

Briana: and like Yeah. If a bride specifies, she doesn't want that. Don't do it. Mm-hmm. , because I, it's just, I mean, she's spent all this money planningall of this stuff for this one day.

Yeah. And for one person to be wearing an outfit to destroy, it's just-

Alyssa: -yeah. I couldn't very easily ruin her whole mood in her whole day. Yeah. Okay, Kat's turn .

Kat: Okay. So next on the list, I have asymmetrical florals.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: This is for bouquets. For centerpieces, for whatever you call the ones on the aisle, the arch at the end of the aisle.

Alyssa: Mm-hmm.

Kat: I am seeing. a lot less even equal on both side shapes, round, square, whatever. And a lot of just whimsical, yeah. Mismatching.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: Sizes and shapes and all of that. Asymmetry, just bringing out like-

Alyssa: mm-hmm

Kat: -I guess the uniqueness. Yeah. And the florals not trying to make everything look like so collected, you know?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Briana: When you would look at like bouquets [00:15:00] that brides and bridesmaids would hold, they would literally, perfect stem. Yeah. And then just a-

Alyssa: mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Kat: From the early two thousands. Yeah.

Briana: Yeah. But nowadays it's like they have that almost like wheat looking like pompous. Pompous and like flowers.

Alyssa: Huh? And I'm sorry-

Kat: she said who?

Briana: What?

Kat: Pompous?

Alyssa: so what is that?

Kat: It's like this, it's kind of like this, like it's dried grass-

Briana: -but it's like brown. Yeah. It's like very rustic.

Kat: Very boho.

Alyssa: Yeah. I'm getting rustic vibes.

Briana: Yeah. I feel like even in like a normal bouquet with normal flowers, they're like, it's not like perfect. And they like it.

Kat: Yeah.

Alyssa: I've seen the orchids, the white orchids.

Briana: Yeah.

Alyssa: Those are, yeah, that's what I want. But it'll probably be outta style by the time I get married.

Kat: I don't know. I. I, the cascading floral look.

Alyssa: Mm-hmm. , yes.

Kat: That, that Orchid provides.

Alyssa: I just love it. I think be in gorgeous.

Kat: That could be another trend prediction, like, yeah, I think bridal bouquets are gonna be smaller, but I think they're gonna be still just as dramatic with that kind of cascading effect and the asymmetry that they're bringing into it.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: you don't have to [00:16:00] make it as big to, to be as impactful as they want it to be.

Briana: I saw, yeah, that this YouTuber I watched, she just got married and she didn't hold a bouquet at all.

Kat: Oh.

Briana: When she was walking down the aisle,

Alyssa: -what did she hold?

Briana: Nothing. Um, she kind of held her dress a little bit. .

Kat: That's what I would be doing

Briana: -just a little bit cuz she, she got married outside and there were like steps. So when she walked down, she held it a little bit, but she said that, She had a twin sister when her twin got married a year ago. Um, her bouquet was covering her face in some of the pictures and videos and she didn't want that. So-

Kat: that's all the photographer

I know, . So she went bouquet-less.

Kat: I'm like, are they 4'10"? Like how-

Briana: They're very short. Yeah, they're very short girls.

Kat: Oh my God.

Briana: It was very interesting.

Alyssa: Mm-hmm.

Briana: I've never seen and she didn't, no one walked her down the aisle either.

Alyssa: Yeah, I was about to say, didn't she walk herself? That's like also something else I've seen a lot.

Briana: It was just, it was just very like, just her and it was very interesting.

Kat: Huh. So did any of her bridal party members hold flowers?

Briana: Yeah. All of her bridesmaids [00:17:00] did. She just didn't wanna hold a bouquet-

Kat: -because she was like afraid her face would be blocked. Yeah. Or like, it probably she felt, probably felt like she was gonna get swallowed.

Briana: I think so, because they're very like short and like petite girls.

Kat: I wish that she would've just looked at like getting a smaller bouquet.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: But if that made her happy, I,

Briana: but I'm wondering if like other brides will like, be in for that. I don't know. Yeah.

No bouquet or just like small.

I remember my sister. My sister was stressed about her bouquet because of how heavy it was.

Yes. And how it's like when

Kat: your sister got married in 2017.

Alyssa: 2020.

Briana: 2020.

Kat: 2020. .

Briana: No. Yeah. She got married like right before Covid happened.

Kat: Well, and so bouquets, I even, my planner got married around 2020.

Briana: Mm-hmm. .

Kat: And she said the bouquets were like toddler sized. Yeah. That was the trend. It was just so huge, so big. Dos Kiwi's Dane came in and he, that was one piece of advice he gave for us was like, avoid, if you cannot wrap your hands around the circumference of yours, you know, florals, that there's too much.

Briana: -those things. Were hunker munkers.

Alyssa: Interesting, I love big florals.

Kat: It's just, just like your arms.

Alyssa: Well, [00:18:00] I won't be holding it most of the time I made of honor will

Briana: See, that's the thing. That's the thing is I had my bouquet. And even my bouquet. My bouquet was smaller than hers, but it was still bigger than all of the other bridesmaids. Cause she wanted mine to be different. So I was holding mine and hers and I, if y'all, it was like 15 pounds. If you find pictures and videos, my arms are probably like shaking, shaky half the time and you're like, readjusting things.

Bees flying in my face and like, I can't do this. I can't do this.

Kat: If there's one thing that's always made me nervous when thinking about becoming a bride, it's been the color of my teeth. I've never had the brightest or the whitest smile, so that's why I'm thanking God for Bride Bright. I just put in my and was so excited to see that they actually had a couples kit available.

So I have a bride Bright kit, and Jackson will have a grooms glow kit, and I can't wait to share our results with you guys after spending our 10 minutes for 10 days on working toward a brighter and wider smile. So if you bridle babes out there, also want brighter, whiter teeth, you can use Code [00:19:00] Buzz for 40% off your online purchases.

Yes, you heard that right Buzz for 40%. All you need is that 10 minutes for 10 days for you to start seeing real results on your smile. I think something like this is so worth it for wedding season, especially since we spent so much on our photography and our videography. So why not have the best, brightest, widest smile on your big day?

I'm also really excited to try their Stay bright on the Go wipes while I'm drinking red wine for three days straight on my bachelorette party. So I will definitely let you guys know how that keeps my smile brighter. And again, head to bride and use the code buzz for 40% off of your purchase.

Briana: But yeah, I

asymmetrical flowers.

I agree. I think it's very unique and different. And to go into that, yeah, my second one. Ooh,

Kat: bring it to me.

Briana: Darn.

Kat: Give me the tips

Briana: Come on. The morning was statement florals. Ah. [00:20:00] So I feel like. Flowers are just very popular right now just because there's so much you can do with flowers.

So I've seen a lot of people just go like above and beyond with their floral decor, like draping down the wall,

Kat: draping down their staircase,

Briana: center table, the staircases, everything. So I feel like flowers are just very easy to use to decorate in weddings compared to like, if you have a birthday party, like you can use like balloons and stuff. So I feel like people are starting to use a lot more like big bowls, big and bold form centerpieces and flowers. And I think that, um, colorful flowers, especially

Alyssa: like that's huge, so big right now.

Briana: I was looking at like a few weddings about like minimalistic, colorful, and it's like everything's white and then you just have like these big floral, colorful centerpieces.

I love that and I love it so much.

Kat: Yes. So pretty.

Briana: And it's just like a way to elevate your wedding by still looking classy.

Alyssa: Yes.

Briana: I think flowers are [00:21:00] beautiful and the fun thing about them is there's so much you can do with them.

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: and so many different types of flowers and greenery and plants and all that stuff. So I feel like that's definitely gonna become really popular.

Alyssa: Yeah. Recently I've seen a lot, it's not like a treatment flower, but like baby's breath. Kat: Mm-hmm, I've see tons

Alyssa: I've seen so much of that.

Briana: There's so many people that don't like baby's breath.

Kat: Well, apparently it smells gross.

Briana: What? Yeah. I don't, I've never smelled it.

Kat: Yes. Apparently it smells gross. That's why people hate it.

Briana: No. I've seen people hate on it, and I'm like, I think it's so pretty.

Kat: I think it's gorgeous. I love baby's breath.

Alyssa: I haven't seen enough, but I, I think I like it.

Kat: I've never smelled it.

Alyssa: They're white, but wait, can you get different colors? Is that a stupid question?

Kat: No, you can, the, the ones you see that are different colors are spray painted.

Alyssa: Oh, okay. I was gonna say the white looks really good.

Briana: Yeah. A trend right now. Side topic is people have been putting baby's breath in their Christmas.

Kat: Really?

Briana: Yeah. Like throughout their trees like this,

Alyssa: it's very, it's gonna wilt, right? Or just they're fake?

Briana: But tbaby's breath lasts for so long though. But-

Kat: -well, and they're already so small and like collected. There's not much shriveling for them to do.

True. Yeah. [00:22:00]

Briana: But I think-

Alyssa: -they could just turn brown .

Kat: They just go. *boop* "I'm dead"

Briana: Yeah. I love florals. I love flowers.

Kat: I literally am dying and so I am dead.

Briana: I'm literally dying. I'm dead. I'm deceased.

Kat: Okay, Alyssa, what's next on your list?

Alyssa: How about champagne towers? Yes. I think they look so good.

Briana: I loved them.

Alyssa: It looks so, but what's the point? You just pour and then take a glass?

Kat: I'm gonna say-

Briana: Kat's gonna say something.

Kat: I think it's so cute. And I wanted to, instead of like just giving people champagne when they walked into my ceremony, I wanted there to be a champagne tower when they got to the ceremony.

Alyssa: It's cute.

Kat: I've heard it's just like a huge mess.

Briana: Dangerous.

Kat: Probably dangerous. It's a huge mess. And nobody actually wants to drink the champagne from those champagne cups-

Alyssa: because I'm sure it spills and then it's-

Kat: -sticky and gross. It's all sticky and disgusting. So like, yes, the pictures are cute.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: And I'm not gonna, you know, throw shade or anything toward anyone who chooses to do that because like, yes, queen. Yes king. Go for it.

Briana: Go off.

Kat: I personally had to make the decision to be like, do I want the cute picture or do, do I just not even want to deal [00:23:00] with it? You know?

Briana: Doing that would be fun at like, um, a bridal shower or like a rehearsal dinner, welcome party or something.

I feel like that could be fun.

Kat: Yeah. Where you are not wearing a thousand dollar dress.

Briana: Exactly. Exactly. I feel like that could be really fun. But have y'all seen the, like champagne walls?

Kat: Yes.

Briana: Those are if I had the money, but

Kat: I feel like champagne towers are overtaking champagne walls.

Alyssa: Well, what is champagne- I'm like out of the loop.

Briana: I guess it's like the greenery wall and there's holes in it, and the people like stick out their hand.

Kat: Oh, that's like a whole different level. They do. They just have like box wood walls where they set the champagne.

Briana: Oh, yes.

Alyssa: Okay. That's what I thought.

Kat: But there's living walls where people like, you can hire staff.

Alyssa: That's weird.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: That's like Alice in wonderland for me.

Alyssa: That's like happy Halloween for me. I, no, I don't like that.

Kat: I don't like not being able to see people's faces. Right. Yes, you have that too. Okay. We don't wanna talk about it. I don't, yeah. , that's for a different episode.

Briana: That's for another time. Yeah.

Kat: Where we dive into all of our triggers. .

Briana: Woo. I love it. Um, no. Yeah, I think champagne towers are really pop, very [00:24:00] popular. Also, I feel like a lot of people don't drink champagne?

Kat: They just do it for toast.

Briana: Yeah. Like champagne's nasty.

Kat: Yeah. But it's everybody's thing.

Briana: like I said, I feel like on like a lower level at like a bridal shower, a bridal party or some one of the bachelorette, even like I, it is so fun.

Kat: Yeah. Like just a mini. Like you don't have to go like 30 wide. I know. You could go like five or six wide and go up

Briana: Yeah that would stress me out.

Alyssa: Yeah. Stress. I just love it and I would sacrifice The mess. Yeah. For a photo.

Kat: Yeah. And I love that. Yeah. Like just put a little plastic tarp underneath it.

Alyssa: Exactly. Plus someone else is gonna clean it up.

Kat: It's okay. Yeah. Just make sure you're out of the way in case everything falls.

Alyssa: I saw it recently. I just did not realize it was messy at all.

Kat: I didn't think about it until somebody pointed it out. There are a couple of things where I'm like, oh, I totally do that at my wedding. And then like for example, let me read this Reddit story I found actually,

Briana: oh, we love,

Alyssa: because if you have like a tarp or something underneath, could you just like scoop it all up?

Briana: We love wedding Reddit. What's wedding Reddit called again?

Kat: Weddit

Alyssa: That's like "Mewwy Chwistmas."

Briana: Mewwy Chwistmas. [00:25:00] Let's get to weddit people.

Kat: Okay, so back to me thinking this would be a cute idea and then the more I talk about it out loud with other people or like read about it online, the more I realize

Briana: no, bueno?

Kat: It's not. So the title of the post and it's on we, the Wedding Subreddit. , my friend, is surprising the groom by getting a bob haircut on her wedding day. And her question is, should I avoid getting a haircut until then? But I don't really care about her question. No offense to this person. I'm more so just wanting to talk about this trend.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: Yes. So my friend is getting married and she's hopping on the new trend where the bride gets a haircut before the reception. She has long hair right now and is getting a bob haircut, blah, blah, blah. She was planning on getting a haircut. Now she's worried that if she gets a bob haircut, she's gonna make her her friend mad.

I'm more so just like, let's talk about the actual, the haircut trend.

Briana: The trend is so trendy right now.

Kat: So trendy. So I used to have short hair. I used to have like [00:26:00] really, really short hair. I had a pixie cut. I've done I love my hair. And a bob. Yeah. I've been growing it out specifically for the wedding.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: like just in anticipation, wanting to have all the hair I can have to like build a fun hairdo with Yeah.

Briana: Yeah.

Alyssa: Your hair's gonna be so long. It is. Like, and you could like trim it to be healthy.

Kat: It's like down to the bottom of my ribs.

Briana: Yeah.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: Um, but I originally was like, I just wanna chop it all off. , let me hop on this trend. So many people are like, what a waste of people's time.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: You know what? Like what if the haircut goes wrong?

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: -are people even gonna notice the difference? Like they'll just assume you were wearing extensions and then took them out. Like there's so many things that it's like,

Alyssa: wow, that's really true.

Kat: It's just like kind of extra, I think

Briana: Yeah. I think it's very extra and I also think it's kind of... Taking away from your wedding itself?

Kat: Yeah.

Briana: Like you have expectations, like, I'm chopping my hair off. I want everyone to notice my hair. I want the highlight to be my hair.

Kat: Yeah.

Briana: And it's like, no. Yeah. Like, I mean, if you want to go for it, yeah. But I feel like it's [00:27:00] just very distracting and taking away from your wedding.

Alyssa: If people don't react the way you expect them to-

Briana: -you're gonna be upset.

Alyssa: It's gonna kill your mood.

Kat: Oh my gosh. Yeah. Literally. I would cry.

Briana: Like if no one, like even if your husband, I mean, your husband would've probably noticed, but like still, it's like, what?

Kat: What if it didn't impact him in the way that you wanted?

Briana: Exactly. Or what if he doesn't like it?Yeah. It's gonna destroy you.

Kat: He's like your hair looked so good. Why did you ruin it?

Briana: Yeah. Why did you do that? And then like, what if the haircut goes wrong? Like, yeah, these things have to happen fast. Mm-hmm. , because you're on a time crunch, so, What if the person cutting your hair feels like they're being rushed and they bought your hair?

Yeah. . Like, you're screwed. Yeah. Sorry.

Kat: But, so that's an interesting trend. I, I wonder if we'll see more of it or less.

Briana: I think. Well, you're gonna see a lot more of it more.

Kat: You think so?

Briana: Yeah. Absolutely. I saw, I just saw this TikTok yesterday about how the bride and the groom both got haircuts.

Kat: In the middle? Yeah. Hmm. I don't know.

Alyssa: I, I mean, I think it's so cool. I, I'd like lose my mind if I saw that happen, but Yeah. Yeah.

Kat: Like it would be like dramatic for sure.

Briana: I just [00:28:00] think people are like trying to find ways nowadays to like-

Kat: differentiate

Briana: -be different and like do different things for their weddings, which is great, but it's like sometimes it's like-

Kat: I also feel like things like this are more for social media than it actually is for themselves.

Briana: Yeah. I agree.

Kat: They just want to have a- And And no shame.

Briana: Exactly.

Kat: Like no shade. No, no. I'll say this a million times. Whatever you wanna do for your wedding, you do it boo boo. You do it . Because at the end of the day, you're the one that has to live with those decisions. Yeah. So don't listen to me if you don't like my opinion.

No. Like go find someone else to listen to. That's totally fine.

Briana: I'm just 21 year old baby who's not even engaged.

Kat: I'm just a Baby.

Briana: Don't listen to me.

Kat: But, but we have opinions and you know, I'm sure people will resonate, but if you don't, it's okay. And do what you want. Cut your hair if you want in the middle of your wedding.

That's fine.

Briana: I think people will appreciate the realness though, because I feel like so much whenever you're getting married and you go through the process of like building this wedding, you're going to hear what you want to hear from your [00:29:00] closest friends and your family sometimes.


I, mean I remember when I, his sister was getting married, I was like, yeah, perfect.

Go for it. Cuz like, I wanna be supportive for her. So I feel like it's just like being real and it's like we're showing them like the dark sides of what could happen. Yeah. So maybe some people are watching this and they're like, I really didn't even think about. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . So I think it's good.

Kat: I think it's agood way, but we definitely want this to be like the raw take on weddings.

Briana: Yeah. Yeah. No tea no shame, but-

Kat: yeah, no tea and no shame.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: But I think there's just such a toxic view of the wedding world right now. Yeah. That we need to break away from. So yeah.

Briana: Slay

Alyssa: Slay

Kat: Slay. Okay. So moving on. Okay. Is it my idea?

Briana: U-turn. You .

Kat: U-turn.

Briana: U-turn.

Kat: Yes. Me turn. We all turn.

Briana: We turn.

Kat: Okay. So this kind of goes with the champagne tower because I was talking about the pictures.

Alyssa: Mm-hmm.

Kat: film and flash photography.

Alyssa: Mm-hmm.

Kat: So if you don't know what flash photography is, I think you could probably just [00:30:00] like look it up on Google and the pictures will show you.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: It's that nighttime look that is super bright flash. It looks like kind of like paparazzi style almost.

Briana: Yes. Yes.

Kat: And that is, Super hot specifically for reception photos, engagement photo shoots right now. And I am personally obsessed because the reception is such a large part of the wedding day.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: it's like the ceremony's 30 minutes, cocktail hour.

Briana: No- It's a majority of it, exactly.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: But I personally have like a hard time looking through reception photos because they're so dark and like, it's just a lot of like, I don't know, they're not my favorite pictures to look at. Like from being here and looking at so many different weddings.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: I can tell how much fun they're having, but with the flash photography, it just brings it-

Alyssa: yeah.

Kat: -To a whole new level.

Briana: I literally love it so much. I think it just like-

Kat: three for three here, we we're all stan for it.

Alyssa: Do it or like No, go ahead. Go ahead.

Briana: Okay. I think it just says like very like real, and I feel. regular photography is [00:31:00] great for your bridal portraits and your pictures with your husband and your girls.

Kat: That romantic.

Briana: Yeah. It's very like, portrait. Perfect.

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: -airbrushed, flawless. But I feel like in your reception, like you want it to be like real and fun and party, you know? So I feel like even film photos, like even from, um..

Alyssa: like, um, the disposables-

Briana: Yeah. Disposables. They're so like-

Kat: We're all like what are, what is that? Is that word?

Briana: It's just like so fun and it's just like, it makes it a little blurry sometimes.

Alyssa: Yeah. Blurry photos are so in right now.

Briana: Yes. Yes. It's so in, that's

Kat: all a part of that film look for

Briana: Sure. It's so, I love it. Mm-hmm. , it just makes it look real and authentic and fun.

Kat: I agree.

Briana: Great.

Kat: Not as posed, it feels like organic.

Alyssa: Yes, yes, yes. Or the flash photography on send offs. So cute. I love them with the classic car?

Briana: Especially if there's like sparklers in the background. It just adds so much.

Kat: Leather jackets, sunglasses.

Alyssa: Yes. Bubbles. Bubbles in the background.

Kat: The bubbles sendoff is cute.

Briana: Yes. I just, I love the flash photography.

Yep. I love it. It's just, [00:32:00] it once again breaks away from like the wedding tradition.

Kat: Mm-hmm. .

Briana: Yeah. It's just fun, you know-

Kat: -and that's something that you, you need to ask your photographer while you're vetting them if they provide that.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: Because not all photographers do flash photography.

Briana: Mm-hmm.

Kat: I'm not entirely sure what goes into it. I know a lot of times people have like a second shooter that literally holds the flash Yeah. While the photographers Taking the pictures. Yeah. So not every company does it. Not every photographer is gonna do it.

Briana: Mm-hmm. .

Kat: So if that's something you're like really, really into just, you know, make sure you talk to your photographer ahead of time. Yeah. Or look specifically for that while you're searching for your photographer.

Briana: Yeah, for sure. So, Going back to the reception. I think it's already really popular now. I think it's gonna just grow from here. Is doing a dress change?

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: from your ceremony to your reception? Yes. Oh yeah. I die for them. I love them. I think they're stunning. I think they're fun. Once again for the 20 million time breaking away from those wedding traditions. [00:33:00] Yes. I think your ceremony is great and it's love heartfelt, but after my ceremony, I wanna have fun. I wanna party. I wanna be comfortable.

Kat: Yeah. You don't wanna be weighed down

Briana: and I wanna be hot. Sorry, I wanna be hot.

Kat: I wanna look smoking.

Alyssa: You know also like the ceremony dress when they like, what's it called?

Briana: Oh, bustle.

Kat: Bustle.

Alyssa: Yes. When they do that, it just, I think it truly ruins.

Kat: I M O, no bustle, Uhuh.

Alyssa: It's so, it looks like-

Briana: and it's hard-

Alyssa: -it looks like you put on your mother's dress.

Briana: Yeah. Like it's just so hard to do.

Alyssa: Okay. That was mean. Maybe we don't put that in the No, what

Briana: It's all good

Kat: she gave her raw feedback

Briana: We're being a little too real

Alyssa: I don't like the bustling.

Briana: No. Yeah. I just, yeah.

Alyssa: But yeah, reception dress. I wanna be, I wanna fun dress like sparkles and I love sparkles. Like more of a fitted dress and not, cuz I like the classic. , you know,

you like Aline

Kat: Aline line, satin. And then for the reception, I want sparkles and feathers.

Briana: I want sparkles, feathers, pearls, maybe gloves.

Alyssa: Yeah. If I [00:34:00] really like winter wedding. So maybe a fur coat?

Briana: A fur coat would be perfect for you.

Kat: Oo la la. I can picture it now.

Briana: It's so much fun.

Kat: Get a ring on her finger.

Briana: Get it on there . . Um, but yeah, I feel like they've mainly this year become so popular and I think it's just gonna keep happening more and more.Yeah. So brides?

Kat: I'm still trying to decide what I'm doing for my 2023 wedding. Mm-hmm. , I'm not gonna disclose too much information. Just secret. I don't like. The bustle. Personally, it's not my favorite and like I don't want to do that to a dress that I spent. Yeah. So much. I'm not gonna disclose how much money on, but yeah, like.

Briana: Well also for me personally, I'm not getting married anytime soon, but when I do, I'm a very messy eater. I'm a messy person. I'm just messy.

Kat: You don't wanna worry.

Briana: Yeah. So I don't want to get my nice wedding dress that I spent money on. Good money on.Dirty or filthy or, I don't want people to step on it. And I also wanna be comfortable. I know that when you go [00:35:00] dress shopping for wedding dresses, it's a very typical thing for people to say like, You're not gonna be a hundred percent comfortable in your dress, and that's okay. And maybe you do find one that you're comfortable in.

Kat: Mm-hmm. .

Briana: But it's like if I find a dress I'm in love with and it's not fun to dance in, like I'm still gonna get it, but then I'm like, I'm gonna change into something that I can get

low to the flo'. So I just think it's fun. And it also, back to the flash, photography just gives more of a fun setting.

Kat: Mm-hmm. .

Briana: It's just different. And I feel like that's a good way to capture people's eyes without having them stare at you all night because you cut your hair. , Yikes . But yeah.

Kat: You know what's something I saw the other day on TikTok was a bride converting her mother's dress into a rehearsal dinner pantsuit outfit.

Briana: I love that. Alyssa: That's so cute.

Briana: Her mom's wedding dress. Like, oh, my heart.

Alyssa: You know. I would feel so not bad, but I would, I don't wanna ruin that dress for my mom, you know? I think it just-

Kat: [00:36:00] my mom gave hers away.

Briana: Oh.

Alyssa: Oh.

Kat: She did not gimme the opportunity to ruin it.

Briana: My sister turned- people, some people are probably gonna think, this is weird, but my sister turned a part of like, the lace of my mom's dress into, into her garter.

Kat: Yeah. That's, I think people do that normally.

Briana: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know if that was like weird or not. Yeah. But I, I think like, if your mom's like, willing to do that, I think it's just so

Kat: like, what else is your mom gonna do with her dress Alyssa?

Alyssa: Uh, I don't know..

Briana: uh, my mom's turned yellow, so

Kat: and you're her only daughter.

Like, yeah. If you don't use it, it's,

Briana: it's not gonna do anything. I think it's,

Alyssa: it's not my vibe..

Kat: but you can turn it into your vibe. Like in this video, it was like, really old school, and then she turned, turned it into a matching pantsuit. Like, I'll, I'll have to show it to you.

Alyssa: I'm trying to envision it

Kat: I'll, I'll try and find it in link in the caption of this, uh, episode too, so people can see it.

Alyssa: But yeah, my mom has like a, I think it's a lace with like puffy sleeves.

Kat: Mm-hmm. .

Briana: But you could even do like the under part of it.

Kat: Like any of it can be converted into anything.

Briana: or you could turn part of it

Alyssa: It doesn't even have to resemble it at all?

Kat: No.

Briana: No. Not at all. Like, it's just like [00:37:00] the thought of like having your mom's like, uh, the same YouTuber I was talking about, she wore the exact jewelry that her mom wore on her wedding day, on her white day made me bawl my eyes out.

Alyssa: I think you cried the whole entire video.

Briana:I cried the entire wedding video. I'm just such a sucker for like weddings and like sentimental weddings.

Kat: We love, love. Did we say that already?

Briana: We love, did we say it? Yeah. Um, but yeah, I just think it's so sweet when like people recreate their mothers or their fathers or something sentimental to them into their wedding-

Alyssa: I guess. Especially since I'm an only child. It would mean a lot.

Briana: Yeah. like it's you're the only one for your mom.

Kat: Yeah. I feel like it's like a conversation to have maybe like, mom, what were you wanting to do with that? ?

Briana: Yeah. What are you gonna do?

Alyssa: I love the idea.

Kat: It's cute. You're doing something. Yeah. Yeah. Like you could make like a little bustier.

You could make like a headband.

Briana: You could do something. Or even something you wear on your bachelorette party. Yeah. Or like at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, you know? Yeah. There's so many things you could do. Yeah.

Kat: Jackson's calling me

Briana: Sorry. [00:38:00] Busy. We're filming.

Kat: We're filming.

Briana: I just thought of another Wedding trend.

Charlie Brown, can wait

Kat: For those who don't know. Alyssa thinks my fiance is Charlie Brown.

Briana: He is.

Alyssa: He just seems so shy but sweet.

Briana: He looks like Charlie Brown too.

Kat: Does he?

Briana: Insert a picture of Jackson. Insert a picture of Charlie Brown. You are the voters, please.

Kat: I, uh, don't see it, .

Briana: It's, I see it.

Kat: Charlie Brown has no hair.

Briana: Minus is the baldness. He has a little swirl swirl there. . His face is his smile.

Alyssa: We love this story about Jackson and his cowlick.

Kat: Jackson gets this cow lick cut off because he doesn't know how to like groom it.

Briana: Oh my God. Poor Jackson. He's getting outed right now on Bridal Buzz.

Kat: Was he? He better listen to this and come after me. If not, then Jackson. He's not a big enough fan.

Alyssa: No don't say anything. Wait for him to come here. Exactly.

Kat: Yeah, exactly.

Kat: So my bachelorette party [00:39:00] is right around the corner and I was starting to get very overwhelmed with all the outfit ideas, the decor ideas, everything that goes into planning a amazing bachelorette party weekend. And that is why I'm so glad that I remembered about the batch box. Batch boxes can be sent straight to your bachelorette party's door, and they're full of fun decor accessories for you and your bridesmaids, and all the little knickknacks you need to make your batch party.

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So head there today to get something fun for your bachelorette party.

Kat: Okay, so. I think it's your turn.

Briana: Yeah. Awissa.

Alyssa: Okay. So I think -Awissa, Awissa's turn! Emerald Green.

Briana: Love slay.

Alyssa: I love it too. Mm. I've seen a lot of celebrities. That wedding you're talking about. Briana: Yes, they did Emerald Green.

Alyssa: They had an emerald green cake.

Briana: back to the YouTuber's wedding. Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

Kat: Should we try and get them in episode?

Briana: I would actually pass away. No, they're twins.

Kat: Brianna would need to be buried. .

Briana: I know. I I literally love them so much. They're the most precious souls ever. And their, both of their weddings were gorgeous.

Kat: Well, YouTube, um, tag them in the comments and maybe we can try and get them in an episode.

Briana: We haven't even said [00:41:00] their name. They're like, who are You'all talking about?

Alyssa: You have to know who we're talking about

Briana: Brooklyn and Bailey tag them. Yes, please. I love y'all so much. I would die and cry. Thank you. Goodnight. Thank you.

Plan my wedding. Honestly. Yeah.

Alyssa: We should just like tag them as much times as they have to.

Briana:Yeah, I'm going to, yeah, I'll tell everyone I know it. Goals. Yeah. The most recent one she did like a emerald green and I think it's so stunning.

Alyssa:Yeah. And then Taylor Lautner and Taylor the other.

Briana: Wait, Taylor Lautner got married?

Yes. It's all over E News. Good morning.

Kat: It's all over...

Briana: What ? It's all over. Good Morning America

Kat: It's all over. Wedding TikTok. This was like, I mean, at the time of this episode, - at the time this episode airs, it will have been like two months.

Briana: I did not know. I forgot about him. Green. Yeah. Well I think Emeril just looks good too.

Kat: Me too, until his wedding came, like was like forgot. I was like, oh, he was dating somebody. Oh, he got married. Oh, what's he doing? Yeah, I don't know. Getting married.

Briana: I think. . I love Emerald.

Yeah, I love Emerald too.

I could see that as like my wedding [00:42:00] colors. I just think it looks so good and cohesive. Mm-hmm. . And I love the satin. Yes. Emerald mixture. Yeah. Bury me in a satin emerald dress and I will be happy because rootin tootin, that is so cute.

Kat: Rootin tooting. She's feeling good. Even in the grave. No,

Alyssa: literally. And like greenery.

Briana: That's timeless. Oh yes. So timeless. I freaking love it with some baby's breath. Who?

Kat: Yeah. I, yeah. I feel like you can never go wrong with emerald green. Like even if it's in the summertime, you can still make it feel fresh and vibrant. Yeah. Yeah.

Alyssa: There's very few colors that I like for weddings, cuz for mine I just want white, black, white gold. That's it. But I do love green for weddings. I love it.

Kat: So green emerald, green not, sage green.

Briana: No, you heard it here.

Kat: I think Sage

Briana: ugh. No.

Kat: Was like really popular over the last two years.

Briana: That's what my, my sister did for her wedding. Yeah.

Kat: But I think it's,

Alyssa: she just said, Ugh, .

Briana: I know. well nowadays.

Kat: Not trying to be too like, too out there. But yeah, I think Sage is on the way out for sure. Yeah, she's, and I think we're gonna be finding more of like vibrant electric [00:43:00] greens that emerald green. Just like more pops.

Briana: Yeah, for sure.

Kat: Less muted for sure.

Briana: Yeah. I love it.

Kat: So wedding content creators, this is like, I mean, as far as I'm concerned, an entirely new concept this year.

Alyssa: Please elaborate.So like people go to your wedding to create content to post social media

Briana: media on, on your social media, like your personal social media.

Kat: Yes. So in like you have a photographer. Mm-hmm. with a big old camera and a big old camera bag and gear and you know, it'll take. potentially months to get those photos back to you. You have a videographer with a big old video camera video work video bag, and it's just, it's a different approach. Sure.

Because your videographer is not gonna be setting up TikToks for you. They're not gonna be reminding you while you're getting your makeup done. Mm-hmm. , it's time to get that little bit for that one idea.

Alyssa: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. So something I [00:44:00] really did not think about.

Kat: No. And it's like part of this whole, the world wants to see everything about your wedding and like your whole life is on display. And I mean, wedding TikTok, like bridetok that's a whole, like there's a whole realm out there where people are just obsessed with-

Briana: mm-hmm. ,

Kat: -like having that wedding and like people seeing that they're having that wedding. And I think content creation can be super fun and it can be wholesome, but it can also turn into one of those like, Are you doing it for you or are you doing it for social media?

Briana: See, I personally, I love doing TikTok. Like yes, just personally, like on my own time, I love filming them. I love editing them. I love creating the ideas. Yes. Yeah.

Alyssa: You're doing it for fun not to blow up.

Briana: Yeah. So personally, I feel like if you genuinely love doing social media, you would be wanting to create the content yourself.

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: rather than someone doing it for you and posting it for you because [00:45:00] it's like you're not doing it, you just want the views for it. Yeah. Which I mean is fine, but for me, I, I mean, you know,

Kat: you enjoy the process

Briana: and I know your wedding day is stressful, but like if I were to be able to like do a quick transition video, like I would like that because it's something that I'm doing personally and I feel like my whole entire wedding wouldn't need to be put on blast on TikTok.

Yeah. Once again, that's just me personally.

Kat: Yeah. I think there's like some of these things, again, like I said, I go back and forth on for my own wedding because like I do want those memories and it's almost like. a story of the times to hear what the trending sounds were. Yeah. Yeah. And like I'll, like, I don't know if I'll be like cringing at that 10 years from now.

Briana: You're like, Ooh.

Kat: But I feel like I'd rather have the ability to do it. Try it, yeah. And not use it than, yeah. Not decide to do it, not have any of that content. At the end of the day, you only have, the goal is to only have one wedding day. Yeah. And you only get one shot at recording all of that on the day of. So.

Briana: I think [00:46:00] also, um, I'm just a very like phone camera person. I'm not like big on regular like photo photographed like camera. .

Kat: Cameras.

Briana: Cameras, you know? Yeah. So like I , you know what I mean?

Kat: What are those things you take photos?

Briana: What is this thing right in front of m called?

Alyssa: You guys did lose me for a second. .

Briana: But I do, I just like the way phone cameras look. So, yeah. I think for me personally, instead of spending the money on someone, I would just wanna kind of like assign one of my bridesmaids, like just take all the videos on my phone all night.

Kat: Mm-hmm.

Briana: I don't care if you make a TikTok, I just want

Kat: and I'm gonna clip them together.

Briana: Bunch of photos. Yeah. And then when weeks on when I'm done stressing about it, like I get to look back at 'em and laugh and cry and make my own version of what I want.

Yeah. So I just think it's like personal preference. Yeah. Like if you wanna be like that snatch queen on TikTok that post like an hour after like you get [00:47:00] married-

Kat: and the transition's on fleet.

Briana: Yeah. Go for it. Yeah. But like, I'm just a very. Authentic, like raw person and I just wanna see like the raw footage. Yeah. So if I like just tell someone like take my phone, take a million, trillion photos and videos, I'll be happy with it. Because I know I personally would cherish those videos and photos more than a photographer, or a videographer would do.

Kat: Yeah. Cuz you're seeing it through the eyes of someone you love. No offense to your photographer.

Briana: No, not at all.

Kat: You might love them too, but

Alyssa: Yeah. I saw this thing on Instagram that this bride, she had one of her bridesmaids take her phone mm-hmm. and she did um, Instagram stories of each stage and posted it immediately. Like real time

Briana: Yeah. I think- Yeah. Yeah. I think it's cute, especially if you have like a following. I remember I followed this talker who blew up because she was posting all about getting married and her wedding. And I think if you have that following of people that. , when is she get married? I want to see everything, yeah.

Kat: They want see everything. Yeah. And you can't invite everybody. Cause it's just not in the budget.

Briana: And her, her sister actually [00:48:00] went on Instagram live and was like showing parts of the wedding.

Kat: I love that.

Briana: I love it just felt so real and like she wanted her following. Yeah. Or her followers to be there for her big day, you know?

Kat: So bridal babes, let me know if you want to see my wedding. If you care, say yes. Say yes.

Briana: So yeah, I think, I think content creation is very new, especially in this wedding TikTok world we have right now.

Kat: Yeah. And like the difference between what is a photographer, what is a videographer, and what is this new branch of content creation

Alyssa: Some people may not even realize? Like me

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: -and we're in the content creation world

Briana: here. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . I think it just gives like the people who are actually making the wedding content another job to do. Yeah. Something else to be inspired by and to be passionate about. So go you if you're in that industry.

Kat: Next.

Briana: Another trend that I've been seeing a lot of is miss. Matched, um, bridal party dresses. I think that is very, very popular right now. Yes. I think not even like wearing the same color. Yes. Like completely different colors, different patterns, [00:49:00] different styles. Mm-hmm. and also letting like the bridesmaids themselves choose what dress they're gonna wear. Also, I've seen a lot of people just like order their bridesmaid dresses online from like, revolve or like, just like a, just like a website where people buy clothes instead of like a bridesmaid shop going into brides shop. Just because weddings are so expensive and like your bridesmaids are paying for.

Alyssa: Yeah. And just because you put the word wedding or bridesmaids, they-

Kat: There's a tax, for sure.

Briana: But I feel like, like even on Amazon, like there's so many options, and I, I like that. Um, brides are letting their bridesmaids kind of take control. Obviously they probably have limitations, but I think different patterns, different colors. Different styles. And a lot more like lax wedding dresses. Not super formal for, I guess the type of your wedding that you're having has really blown up. And I think we're just gonna see more and more of that next year for sure.

Kat: Yeah, I think we've definitely been seeing it evolve. Like you were saying, like I think I was in a wedding in 2018, I was a [00:50:00] bridesmaid and we all wore the same color, but different dresses. And we've just seen that being taken to the next level. Mm-hmm. , like continuously. And I love the just over-the-top texture and patterns and like almost high fashion. Like you, it looks like these girls could have been in a mgazine.

Briana: Very editorial.

Kat: Yeah. Editorial. Editorial. Exactly. I love that aesthetic. Yeah. And also on the. Mixed dresses. Mm-hmm. , I also feel like we're gonna be seeing a lot more mixed gender bridal parties. That has already been happening, you know, for however long. Yeah. But I think it's becoming more normalized. More accepted. Like, people aren't assuming that people can't have a, a, a close friendship with the opposite gender anymore.

Briana: Oh yeah.

Kat: So I love that. I'm gonna have a guy in my bridal party. Yeah. I'm so excited to be able to have him. I, I've known him since I was in [00:51:00] first grade. Yeah. He's literally one of my, you know, three closest friends in my life.

Alyssa: So that's your longest friend

Kat: next to Hannah? Next to my bestie. My maid of honor. Oh yeah. He's the one person I love that it's, he's been by my side through so much and like we've done a lot of crazy ish together . So we've gotten in some trouble, but it's okay. Like, yeah. I love him, jp, love you. Like I, I couldn't imagine not having him. At my bachelorette party at, you know, by my side.

So I'm grateful for a partner who's like, yeah, go for it. Like, he's your best friend. Like, if Jackson had a, a female best friend, I would be supportive of that as well.

Briana: So I think nowadays those gender, uh, norms, norms for bridal parties, and if a girl wants to wear a suit, if she's a bridesmaid, like that's just out the window, you know, it's 2023 now, almost. Yeah. So I love that. I think that's so fun. Um, going back to like the different wedding dress colors Yeah. Or bridesmaid dress colors. Mm-hmm. , do you think like groomsmen [00:52:00] will, like fall into that play too?

Kat: So, I mean, I'm planning on having all of Jackson's groomsmen wearing at least different colors. I don't know if they're gonna be, I don't know how much variance you can offer in the suit. It's like suits are, I don't know-

Alyssa: light brown, dark brown.

Kat: Maybe there's just not much I know about suits. Like maybe you could change the lapel. Maybe you could change like, the texture of something. Yeah. To add more variance in that regard. Like maybe I'll have one person in velvet and one person in a pattern.

I don't know. But I do plan on having them all in different colors because Yeah, I'll put it out there that all my bridesmaids are wearing different colors. I don't want to let you guys know exactly what they're wearing. I don't know if I've said it already. I might have,

Briana: I don't know. I don't think, think so anyway.

Kat: Um, I feel like I'm just gonna share it. All my bridesmaids are gonna be wearing pants suits. Yeah. So I'm gonna be the only one wearing a dress. I, I didn't wanna put it in here because I, I want this for myself.

Briana: I don't think I've ever seen, bridesmaids in pantsuits

Kat: I've seen one wedding with pants suits in it.

It was here in San [00:53:00] Antonio, and they made the outfits, the bride made the outfits herself because she couldn't find the ones she wanted anywhere.

Briana: Wait, I, I know what wedding you're talking about. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. That was, that was such a slay.

Kat: Cool. And I saw that after I, I had this idea, but like, it's, it's very hard to find what I'm looking for really? And so I'm like-

Briana: did you find it?

Yeah, I found it.

Briana: Slay.

Kat: Yeah, I was gonna say. But yeah, so they're all gonna be wearing mismatching pants suits in different shades and tones, and all the guys are gonna be wearing pantsuits. So I definitely think it's just back to that uniqueness. Back to the personal touch. Because like, there are some people that have different skin tones where light blue is not gonna look as good as a dark blue, or like vice versa. So, yeah.

Alyssa: I really didn't think about that because I was gonna say my personal opinion, different colors would be an immediate no for me. Yeah. But I'm very classic.

Kat: like, yeah. Yeah. You like, I mean, , she put push pins in [00:54:00] like a straight line earlier. That's just who you are.

Briana: I, yeah. I think also the great thing about. , not even necessarily like letting your bridesmaids just go all out and pick what they want, but I think letting them have a say in what they're wearing and the style, at least the style of the dress, really helps them become more comfortable.

I know it's like your big day, but they're standing up there in front of all of your friends and family too, they have eyes on them too. They're gonna be wearing this dress all day. So it's like you want them to be comfortable and to have enjoy the day too, you know? So I love that. Everybody in there. Yeah. .

Alyssa: Wow. I wouldn't have thought of that either.

Briana: look at you're learning everything new today.

Kat: Alyssa Alyssa's like, I gotta,

Briana: she's like scratching off all of her wedding ideas now.

Kat: She's like, wait, hold on. Other people are in the wedding too. Not, not just me, .

Briana: But yeah, I think it's like just great. I love it

Kat: I think it's fun. Well, and it's like, you know, you could potentially be spending like $200 easily on these dresses. At least let them get something they're gonna rewear.

Except if I'm paying for the dress.

Briana: Or [00:55:00] do, are you, do you wanna pay for dress?

Alyssa: Uh, I don't know. Is that a typical thing you can do though?

Kat: I mean, it just comes down to it. Typically, how much do you wanna pay for, for your bridesmaids?

Alyssa: Just now I'm thinking about it. I feel mean.

Kat: No.

Alyssa: Assuming that you're gonna feel comfortable in the dress I choose.

Kat: No, it's okay.

Briana: No, I think it's just like you've had this idea of your perfect wedding for years and years and years, and like,

Alyssa: I'm gonna have four bridesmaids

Kat: I'm also not letting like Yeah,

Briana: she has like four bridesmaids, so she,

Kat: they'll get over it.

Briana: They'll, they'll survive.

Kat: They love you. Yeah.

Alyssa: My bridesmaids are my best friend, so like-

Briana: -and we know how she is.that's another thing. It's like, you know your friends, your friends know you. Yeah. If they're genuinely uncomfortable with what they're wearing, they'll say something.

Kat: Yeah. Well, I'm like, I don't care if my bridesmaids wanna wear a dress. I'm so sorry. . See? No, you're, you're wearing pants. Sorry.

Briana: Because regardless of what they, they're spending-

Kat: this is my wedding ,

Briana: you're spending so much more on everything else too. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like, if you don't want it, then don't be my bridesmaid...

Kat: Yeah. And I'm like, Hey, if you need my help paying for it, because you're not into it, Let's have a [00:56:00] conversation.

Alyssa: I had this one friend a while ago and I had told her what I wanted my bridesmaids to wear, and she was like, that looks itchy. I don't actually care.

Kat: You're uninvited.

Alyssa: Needless to say, we're not friends

Kat: Check that one off the list .

Briana: We're not friends anymore.

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Kat: Okay, actually on the bridesmaid topic, let me read another Reddit story I found.

Briana: Weddit!

Kat: so I did proposal boxes. I almost like, so I can't find it. But it basically was saying like, do I need to do a bridesmaid proposal box? Is this normal? I think they were from the uk and they were asking like, I see this happening a lot in the us. Is it normal in the us? And I did see people commenting like, God, I wish I could find it. Um, like, no, it's not normal in the us Actually.

Briana: What?

Alyssa: Huh?

Kat: This is another one of the Instagram things like where this, no one was sending boxes or sending gifts to their bridesmaids before it became a trend. It [00:58:00] was just like you would send them a letter or you would ask them in person. So I did make bridesmaid proposal boxes and I was planning just because I literally wanted to make cute videos and like take pictures.

Yeah. And like do a whole thing. Yeah. I ended up not like recording any content about them at all. I do have a list on my Amazon, um, storefront if you guys are interested in making proposal boxes and looking for like, the kits to make them with, um, boxes, filler stuff. Yeah. What I put in them.

Briana: Fun little goodies,

Kat: but was it necessary?

Briana: I, I love bridesmaid proposal boxes. I don't think they need to be filled with the most expensive, nice stuff. Yeah. My, once again, back to my sister , whenever she asked me to be her bridesmaid, um, with like a Christmas present. So I opened it and it was like, it had like little champagne, like stuff like that, but it had like a photo of us together and I remember crying my eyes out,

Kat: See that's sweet..

Briana: It just felt like, [00:59:00] The bride is getting showered with all this love gifts and stuff for their wedding. So it's like that one little piece before all the craziness happens Yeah. Is just so sentimental and, and special. True. I just love it so much. I love if they write my little,

Kat: bring me back to the wholesome

Briana: Yeah. A little personalized letter. It just, I don't know, it just felt more than just her texting me like, do you like it? Just, you know what I mean? Yeah.

Kat: So it it felt more meaningful to you.

Briana: Yeah. So even like just a little letter and maybe like a bouquet of flowers, I think goes a long way.

Alyssa: That's so cute.

Briana: Just because they're about to spend a lot of money on your wedding. So I think just showing them a small ticket of appreciation. Token of appreciation is just gonna go a long way for your bridesmaids.

Alyssa: Wow. I saw recently it was like a little card. I, I obviously wanna do 'em, but I don't wanna spend like hundreds of dollars on it. But I think the more meaningful stuff, Yeah. Is cute. Yeah, it was like a little card and it was like a sketch of the bride and that bridesmaid, it was [01:00:00] a sketch from like behind I think the Yeah, it was so cute.

Kat: That's cute.

Briana: That's so cute.

Alyssa: And then a handwritten note.

Briana: Those are just so cute. See I just love that and like even like my sister got um, all of us a little knot bracelet and it was like so inexpensive on Amazon, but it's something that we all wore on her wedding day as well. So I think stuff like that is just so meaningful. And once again, it just gives you that sense of connection with your bridesmaid and it's something for them at least. I know I ha still have that photo. I look at it all the time and it just reminds me of like everything that we went through for her wedding.

Kat: Okay. Well I feel better about my decision to do the proposal books.

Briana: I don't. I mean, it can go that route where people are like, we wanna show off on Instagram and we want it to be all snazzy and all that stuff. But I don't, I personally don't see it that way. I see it as showing your bridesmaid's appreciation and going above and beyond for them, because like I said's all this time, all this money, all their emotions on your wedding day. [01:01:00] So just a little

Alyssa:. And showing them that you actually care is gonna mean more than like an item. You got them.

Briana: Or like, you know, like if you ever just texted me and was like, will you be my bridesmaid? I would literally be like, are you kidding?

Kat: I'd be like, your number's blocked.

Briana: No, no, no, no, no. Just because it just doesn't seemauthentic.

Kat: I could never ask over text. I did. I was way too excited to wait for the proposal boxes, so I told some of my friends on the phone. But like, I don't know. That's, yeah, that's as close as I got to.

Briana: I just like it. I think it's fun. I think it's cute. No, yeah,

Kat: you're right. I think it's cute. I literally, my, my best friend when she asked me to be her maid of honor, I Kept that candle that she asked me with for probably three years. No.

Briana: Yeah.

Kat: And never burned it. It's so sweet.

Briana: Yeah. I'm gonna cry. I love weddings.,

Kat: I love you Hannah

Alyssa: No. What else are you supposed to do though? Like besides a box, what are you supposed to do?

Kat: Just like a card.

Alyssa: A card? Is that what they did before?

Kat: Or like meet up with them in person and like, like ask them.

Briana: Yeah. I've seen things where people will throw like whole brunches. Like they have this whole brunch thing. . And I'm like, if you have the [01:02:00] money, yeah, sure. But like I said, it doesn't need to be that extravagant. Mm-hmm. .

Kat: It can be if you want it to be.

Briana: Exactly.

Kat: Again, with the no T, no shame

Briana: Mm-hmm. . It's all dependent on the person. But I do think in general, . It is nice to do a little something for your bridesmaids. Nice. But

Kat: not necessary. Exactly. Yeah.

Briana: Yeah. Okay, cool. And like Kat said, the Amazon Link tree has a lot of stuff. Yes. It's really cute. It's really cute.

Kat: Thank you. So, um, okay, next up Bridal Babes, let us know what you think about the timing, about the flow of this new episode. We definitely wanna hear your feedback. And if you think you want these to be shorter, you want them to be longer we want to know, let us know and hear from you. So speaking of, let me read the trends that we got submitted from our bridal babes and then you guys can share one last one. So one bridal babe said 100% black and white photos coming back. I love seeing black and [01:03:00] white photos. It's similar to that film thing that we were talking about earlier. . and then the other, another bridal babe. Submitted disco balls, color again, instead of neutrals.

Briana: Yep.

Kat: Guest experiences. This is something we haven't really covered yet.

Briana: I know exactly what she means. Yeah. Guest experiences, I think. Have y'all seen like where they have the people and they like draw Yeah. Caricatures. Yeah. Or

Kat: like Yeah. Guest. Um, watercolors. Yeah.

Alyssa: Live paint.

Kat: Live painting. Yes. Thank you. That's the word. But there's also things. . Ball pits, moon bounces.

Briana: Oh my God.

Alyssa: Yes, I saw that.

Kat: Yard games. Big one.

Alyssa: The white one.I saw it on Pinterest.

Kat: Live music at the cocktail hour. Fun. Fun. Mixing your own drinks. Things like building your own, you know, charcuterie cup or something. Like that's an experience.

Briana: No. Yeah.

Kat: So yes, I, one, a hundred percent agree with her on, I love that.

Briana: I love that.

Kat: I want my wedding. I don't want anyone to feel like they're bored [01:04:00] at all. Or like there's nothing like what? They're like, what am I supposed to be doing right now? Like, I want there to always be something. Keeping them entertained, keeping them like on their toes.

Alyssa: Especially when you're hanging out with a bunch of people you don't know.

Briana: Exactly. And I think it's easy for brides and grooms not to really think about their guests because they're in the high and the adrenaline of their wedding date. they just got married, so anything's gonna be fun for them. but it's like, You know, they're different. So it's like you still need to like, make accommodations for them to be able to be on that same fun level as you.

Kat: Yep.

Briana: And not everyone likes to dance. Yeah. Yeah. That's for sure. So I think like just having different, um, experiences for them to do is so fun. Exactly. Yep.

Alyssa: I love it. I love the bouncy house though.

Briana: That is so fun. Yeah.

Kat: I plan on having one at my wedding. Because we're gonna have kids at the wedding house.

Alyssa: That's so, that's so fun. You have to keep them entertained.

Kat: I'm not personally giving birth at the wedding, but there will be kids at the wedding.

Briana: Yes. Good, good clarification. Thank you so much.

Kat: I don't know if it needed to be clarified, but I felt the need [01:05:00] they needed. Um, but yeah, just to keep the kids entertained too, while everyone else is drinking and forgetting what they're doing exactly. Like the kids will be like, I wanna bounce on the thing, or I want to go down the slide or pet a llama or something, which to each their own, again, with the animals, I, I've heard some malpractice animals in the way that they like. Handle their animals. Not every company

Briana: I don't think O would have animals at my wedding

Kat: Again, vet if you're gonna be renting animals. Okay. One more trend each and then I think we have to wrap this episode up.

Briana: Sad. Okay. Um, mine is very broad and I think we kind of touched on it already, but I think a big trend that is starting to happen is breaking wedding traditions. Whether that be in the ceremony, in the reception, in what you eat, in what you wear and what you do. I think it's just very, very popular right now, and I'm so for it. I think traditions are great, don't get me wrong. If you love a [01:06:00] tradition, go for it. But I feel like it's just so sometimes done out and people almost are forced to do something just because it's a wedding tradition.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Briana: But I've seen. people walk themselves down the aisle. Mm-hmm. , which I love, I stand for, it's great. Mm-hmm. , like we said, like all these guest accommodations and stuff.

Kat: The dessert table instead of a cake.

Briana: Yeah. Dessert table. That's a good one. Yes.

Alyssa: I think it's the candy bar.

Briana: Yes. I think it's just so fun and unique and once again, it's a great way to personalize your wedding to you. And like I said, not doing something because you feel like you have to. I've seen a lot of people have their friends and family, um, do be their, like wedding officiant, which I love. It's. Super different and fun and I just think it's great that people are starting to kind of stray away from all these traditions. Especially if they're not comfortable with doing that.

Alyssa: Even wedding cakes, people are straying away from you. Yeah. Or like only having the bottom tier of the cake.

Briana: Yes. I was just about to say-

Kat: I just something to cut.

Briana:I only want a little thing just because I feel like a dessert [01:07:00] bar would be fun and Yeah.

Kat: But you still want the tradition of cutting a cake.

Briana: Exactly. Exactly. But I think like I've seen someone, her mom walked her down the aisle instead of her dad, and some people don't do first dances cuz they're not comfortable dancing in front of everyone. Yeah. So I just think bridal babes, if you're not comfortable doing something, don't do it just cuz you feel like you have to.

Kat: It's a build your own wedding experience.

Briana: Exactly. I think it's a. Nowadays, weddings are very diy in a good way. Yeah. Like you are doing it for yourself. . And not because it's written in the wedding book that you have to wear white. You have to do this,

you have to do wear.

Kat: And maybe it's not diy, maybe it's d I fy do it for yourself.

Alyssa: I was literal thinking.

Briana: Yes, yes.

Kat: Yeah. Because you can still have a planner and like have people doing all this stuff for you. But it's D I F Y

Briana: D. You're doing it for yourself. Do it for yourself people. D f No, I love it.

Alyssa: D i f y.Yeah I'm gonna D IF Y My own wedding. Yeah.

Kat: D i f the Y out of that wedding.

Briana: F the Y . No. Yeah. I love it though. I think it's fun and unique.

Kat: Yeah, me too.

Briana: Sleigh like you. You're d I f Y'ing.

Kat: I'm d I'm like, [01:08:00] yes, I'm unique. And I slay.

Briana: Because you're having your bridesmaid's wear pantsuits. Yes. Which is not traditional at all.

Kat: Yeah, not at all.

Briana: And your groomsmen are wearing different colors.

Kat: Yeah. D I f y have a brides bridesman or brosmaid, whatever you wanna call them.


Alyssa: I've never, did you just come up with that?

Kat: No, the internet gave that to me. Yes.

Alyssa: a brosmaid?

Kat: except he's not like a bro, so it doesn't feel right. But yeah, a bros made bridesman.

Briana: Hashtag D I f y. You heard it here first.

You heard it here first, folks.

Alyssa: That's so funny. I was literally thinking d i f y.

Briana: I love it.

Kat: Okay, Alyssa, what do you got for us?

Alyssa: Um, okay, the last thing on my list was the wax.

Kat: The, oh, the wax seals.

Briana: The wax seals, uh, love. I think those are timeless, so I feel like that's so your aesthetic too.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Kat: Mm-hmm. , I love that monograms,

Alyssa: monogrammed wax

Kat: Back to like the breaking the tradition. I think monograms have been traditional, but making it your aesthetic.

Briana: Personalized.

Kat: There's so many fun and modern takes on [01:09:00] a couple's monogram Yeah. These days. I mean, there are TikTok accounts of graphic designers who literally, Someone will be like, can you do s and h together please? And then like, that's the video.

Alyssa: It's just, I just feel like that'll never go out style.

Briana: No, I think it's very timeless.

Alyssa: Me too.

Briana: Because it's personalized to you and it's what you want and what you like. Yes. And it may change over the ages, but I, I don't think,

Kat: yeah, like fonts go in and out, but. I mean, at the end of the day, you got married in the year you got married.. And you, that's the year you established your relationship.

Why not have an homage?

Briana: Homage Monogram.

Kat: Oh, monogram. Yeah. Monogram homage.

Alyssa: See, doing uh, wax seals though

Kat: first. Yeah. I love those. I, one thing to think about with wax seals is to put them on the inside, on the belly. I think it's called a belly flap, which is like that middle wrap of the invitation. Not on the outside. Especially where we are in Texas, you guys might be in Canada or Ireland or something, but we- It's hot here.

Yeah, it is.

Putting a wax seal on the outside of the invitation is like [01:10:00] a recipe for a disaster

Briana: . Oh. It does it melt?

Kat: It melts, but if you put it on the inside, it's typically okay. That's what I've heard from Stationers. At least I didn't do that. So instead of it sealing the outside of the envelope, there's multiple different layers on your invitation suite that sometimes you put together.

Briana: I know what you're talking about. A velum wrap on the actual invitations are not the envelope.

Kat: Exactly.

Briana: Okay. Yes. I see what Yes. Not the inside of the envelope. Sorry. I was like, how does, you're like. Will people see it? ? Im like one. Will people see it? Two. How do you stick your hand in there inverted, like, okay, that makes sense on the actual, you're just

Kat: How do you stick your hand in there,

Love it. Okay, well I think this was a great first episode in the new studio.

Briana: So much fun. I love it. It's gorgeous. Thanks guys. It's so pretty

Kat: well bridal babes. Make sure you're keeping up with everything on our social media. 2023 is literally a week away. If you're listening to this while we release [01:11:00] it, I can't believe it. Make sure you keep up with everything we're doing on social media. You're gonna see a lot more of Brianna, Alyssa, and some other members here at the Bridal Buzz Studio. And what else? We're almost to 2023. Crazy. I literally can't, we're like a week away. My bachelorette party is just around the corner. Stay tuned for updates on that. Let me know if you guys wanna see, like, I don't know how much you wanna see of that.

Briana: They're gonna wanna see all of it.

Alyssa: I wanna see all the tea, all the deets. All of it. All of it.

Kat: Well, looking for a content creator for my bachelorette then. No, I'm kidding. Um, but yeah. And then make sure you subscribe, turn on those notifications, give us a review, share our show with your friends, and send in your questions. Yeah. We really want this to turn into a deeper connection between us and you guys and if you have any questions about weddings, about relationships, um, if you have crazy stories, if you have sad stories, I wanna hear it all. I want to be emotionally pulled in every direction.

Alyssa: Yes.

Kat: When I read what you guys send me.

Briana: Yes.

Kat: Um, so yeah, we are open ears and open dms [01:12:00] and open comments. So let us know what you guys thought of the news studio, the new kind of feel for the episodes and. I guess we'll see you next time!

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