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11 Bachelorette Outfit Must-Haves for the Bride: Slay Your Last Fling Before the Ring

What's up, bridal babes? Kat here to report on my absolute favorite amazon fashion finds. This time it's all about bachelorette outfits for the bride. It's time for you to slay your final fling before the ring! The pieces I'm recommending in this article are outfits I personally wore throughout my 2023 bachelorette party weekend. Not only were the quality and comfortable pieces, I was getting compliments left and right (also in a sea full of bach parties... we were in a popular bachelorette destination).

*commissions may be earned from the products recommended in this article*


So first, I'll start off with my favorite accessories: headpieces, jewelry, purses, and shoes. I knew I wanted something chic and stylish for my night out on the town, but I also wanted something "disco-cowgirl" inspired for my wine tour. Here's what I ended up with for my bride-to-be bachelorette accessories:

1. The pearl headband w/ detachable veil

I absolutely loved wearing this pearl headband veil combo. I actually wore the headband by itself the day before and on my way to my bachelorette party because I was too excited not to (LOL). It was the perfect chic bridal accessory for my night out with the girls, and 10/10 would recommend. Tip: if you have a small head, this headband might shift around a bit, so just add a couple bobby pins and you'll be fine.

2. Gold + pearl "BRIDE" letter dangle earrings

If there's one thing I know, it's that I LOVE a good gold + pearl combo. These dangle earrings were the perfect bridal accessory. I wore them every day of my bachelorette weekend, even on the hike we went on at the end of our last day. They aren't the lightest in weight, but they actually don't add any droop to my earlobe when I wear them.

3. White ostrich feather clutch w/ gold accents

This lil' clutch was the absolute perfect final touch to both of my main outfit's for the weekend. What I love most about this bag is that I will get so much re-use out of it during my bride-to-be wedding season events: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, you name it- this purse will be there with me. While it does not close with my giant iPhone 13 pro-max in it, it would probably fit other smaller phones just fine.

4. Knee-high white cowgirl boots

I've got decently wide calves, so I'm always nervous looking for knee high boots like these... but this pair of boots fit perfectly! They were so easy to put on and actually really comfortable (I wore them for at least 6-7 hours straight with no issues). As a born and raised Texas girlie, these are going in my forever wardrobe and will 100% be worn the next time I go see live music or get drinks.

5. The perfect pair of white sneakers

When I tell you I'm obsessed with the Puma Carina, I am more serious than a preacher on a Sunday morning. I think they are literally the perfect pair of white sneakers. I've owned 3 pairs since 2019, and will buy another when the pair I have now gets worn to the ground. My favorite thing about these is that you can dress them up, or down. I wore these with my chic on the town night out look, and I literally felt like the cutest bride-to-be on the block.

6. White light-up cowgirl hat with feathers

If you're like me and you're wanting to have disco-cowgirl inspired wardrobe on at least one of your outings, this hat is the cherry on top of your final look. While the light-up tiara is a bit much (borderline health hazard for some people) it is about $20 cheaper than other white cowgirl hat options I was able to find on amazon.


Now that we've covered all of my favorite bridal accessories for your bachelorette, it's time to get to the good stuff! Let's take a look at my favorite tops, bottoms, and other clothing pieces that gave my bachelorette outfits the character they needed.

7. Simple + chic white satin button down top

Simple. Chic. Staple item for the closet, this white satin button down was everything I wanted for this trendy casual-chic all white night out look. I felt effortlessly beautiful all night, and genuinely look forward to this being a part of my everyday wardrobe as a bride-to-be. The sleeves were a little long on my 5'2" self, but that is almost unavoidable with any long sleeve on me.

8. High waisted, wide leg trouser pants

These are incredibly comfortable, lightweight white high waisted trouser pants. You could keep these modest, or you could easily pair these with a super sexy top for a fun night out during your bachelorette party. Since mine was during the winter, I opted for the long sleeve top mentioned in #7, but I would have loved to have done a cropped corset (or something like that) if it were warmer.

9. Cropped tie-top with feather wrist trim

This top was straight out of my disco-cowgirl bachelorette dreams, and I am so glad it's quality matches how freakin' cute it is. The material is thick and stretchy, and the fit is incredibly flattering. Tip: you're going to have to hand-wash this top because of it's feathers. I used a blow dryer on low to help re-fluff the feathers after and it worked perfectly!

10. Cow print mini-skirt

I knew I needed a splash of cow print in my outfit for the wine tasting trip, and this high waisted skirt was the perfect way to do it. This paired with the cowgirl boots mentioned in #4 on this list? Absolute cowgirl perfection for your bachelorette outfit look. Tip: read the sizing, take your measurements (I wish I would've ordered a size down because it was a bit loose on my waist).

11. Fuzzy 3-piece loungewear set

Last, but certainly NOT least, on my list of bachelorette outfit must-have's is this super comfy fuzzy white loungewear set. We spent a good amount of time hanging out at our airbnb, and this set was on my body almost 100% of that time. It was perfect because no matter if I was hot or cold, I felt comfortable because of the robe. (I'll try to find a photo of me in this set, but since I only wore it while chillen' at the airbnb we might not have one)


... and that's it for this list, bridal babes. Make sure you head to my amazon list to get all of these bachelorette outfit ideas for yourself, or your bride-to-be!


Your host, Kat <3

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